How to create a new Team using Template in Microsoft Teams

Templates in Teams help users creating new team from various custom templates. IT admins are now able to create new custom templates with pre-defined team structures, channels, tabs, and apps. A basic set of built-in templates included within Team templates, such as helpdesk integration, employee onboarding, project management, adoption of Office 365,  and more. Currently, the built-in templates cannot be modified, deleted, or hidden.


Adding a new Team creation template from Teams admin center

Teams admins can simply create and handle customized templates from the Teams admin center. Follow these steps to create a new customized template.

  • Navigate to Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • Within the left navigation pane, navigate Teams -> Team templates.
  • Click on Add (+ plus) to create a new template. It will provide three choices to create a template: Create a brand new template; Use an existing team as a template; Use an existing template as the starting point and customize and create a new template.
  • If you have already got a Team with the required structure, then we’d suggest you to decide on the option “Use an existing team as a template” and click on Next.
  • Choose your existing team and click on Next. The template will exactly appear like the existing team and you’ll customize it from there.
  • Next provide the name and description for this new template and click on Next.
  • Lastly, customize channels and apps click on Submit to create the template.

Adding a new Team from current Template

Making a team from a template is now an easy process for users. Follow these steps to create a team utilizing an existing team template from Microsoft Teams app.

  • Open Microsoft Teams App (desktop or web client)
  • Within the left menu, click on Teams.
  • On the bottom of the Teams listing, click on Join or create a team.
  • Click on on Create Team option.
  • In Create Team window, underneath Select from a template, you may see the templates listing, choose the required team to proceed.
  • Now the available channels and apps shall be listed, you may click on Start to create the new team.
  • Next up, provide privacy and group name, finally click on Create button to begin the team creation.
  • The template-based team creation process takes a time little longer than regular team creation. It’s based mostly on the variety of channels and apps out there in template structure.
  • Once the team creation process completes, go to the team -> navigate to all channels -> go to every tab, and set up the tab if it not already configured.

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