How to Find Site Id, Drive Id and Item Id using Microsoft Graph API

We can use Microsoft Graph API to connect and work with files in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online document libraries. Microsoft Graph exposes the following two resource types to represent List (Library) and List Items (files).

  • Drive – Represents a logical container of files (List or Document library).
  • DriveItem – Represents a file, folder, or other item (List Item) stored in a drive.

Consider that you have a file in a SharePoint Online document library with the below file URL.

To retrieve information of this file, we need three parameters, site-id, drive-id of the library, and item-id of the file.

#Get Request{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/items/{item-Id}

In this post, we will explore how to retrieve the site id, drive id, and item id from the server-relative URL of the file.

Find Site Id by Site Name

We can use Search sites method to retrieve site details by site name. The mentioned file is located on the site “TestPTSite01”. The following request gets the site details and site id.

Find SharePoint Online Site Id by Site Name

The site id is constructed with your SharePoint hostname (ex:, Site Collection (SPSite) ID, and Site (SPWeb) ID.  The Site (SPWeb) ID will point to the root site or sub-site in the given site collection.


If you want to point to the root site of a site collection, you can provide only the id of the site collection (SPSite).


Find Site Id by Site Path

The site can also be addressed by the path by using the SharePoint hostname, followed by a colon and the relative path to the site.


#Get site details

Find Drive Id by Document Library name

Once you got the site id, use the below Graph API Endpoint to get all the drives (Document Library) available on the site. You can match the library name and find the drive id of the library.

Find SharePoint Online Drive Id by Document Library name

Find Item Id by File Path that Relative to Drive

With the Site Id and Drive Id, we can easily find the drive item (List item) id by using the file path that is relative to the drive root (library).

#GET Request{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/root:/{path-relative-to-root}

#Get file details{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/root:/TestFolder/test_file.txt
Find SharePoint Online Library Item Id by File Path

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