How to Migrate Outlook to Office 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you trying to switch over to the new Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem? Transferring all your Outlook data over to your Office 365 might seem a bit intimidating but that is where we come in. In this article you will learn how to Migrate Outlook to Microsoft 365. 

How to Migrate Outlook to Office 365?

In our dynamic world, we are led to adapt to change whether we like it or not. Upgrading to cloud-based platforms is a change that organizations are willing to accommodate to keep up with the competition.

Cloud-based platforms offer several benefits such as better security, extended mailboxes, and several collaborative tools that can help build better connectivity amongst internal teams and offices alike. One of the most popular cloud platforms in the market is Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 offers better backup features, advanced security, and universal accessibility. Making it a favourable choice for offices, especially the ones that originally use Outlook. If you belong to the demographic that is making the switch over to Microsoft 365 from Outlook, you would need to transfer all your Outlook data over to Microsoft 365. 

Migrating from Outlook to Microsoft 365 might seem a bit daunting at first, however, in this article we will walk you through these steps on how to Migrate from Outlook to Office 365. But before we do so there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Precautions to Take Before Migrating to Microsoft 365

While the chance of risk is low, they are never zero. Taking every precaution possible within your means goes a long way in reducing the chances of data loss or corruption.

Avoid Interruptions During the Migration Process

Keep your computer system connected to a power source for the entirety of the migration process. Any interruptions during the Outlook data transfer can cause you to lose data or lead to PST file corruption.

Make Use of a Dependable External Storage Device

Be it a pen drive, external hard disk, or even an external SSD, we recommend that you use an external storage device to take a backup of your existing Outlook data as an emergency safety net.

Update All Applications and Software 

Before we begin, ensure that you update your Outlook application and your Windows operating system. This will help prevent any compatibility issues that can occur due to using outdated applications/ software.

Export PST Data File Before Transfer

Now moving on to the fun part, let’s start the migration process by creating a PST. file of all our Outlook data.

Steps Export PST Data File Before Transfer

1. Open the file menu by clicking on File located in the top-left corner.

Steps Export PST Data File Before Transfer - 1

2. Within the Open and Export Tab, Click on the Import/Export option.

Steps Export PST Data File Before Transfer - 2

3. Select the Export to a File option and select Next.

Steps Export PST Data File Before Transfer - 3

4. Choose to create an Outlook Data File (.pst). By following the instructions that follow, you will be able to select a destination folder and set a name and password for your backup file.

Steps Export PST Data File Before Transfer - 4

5. After you click on Finish you should be able to find your backup pst file in the designated location.
6. Copy the file and transfer it to your new computer using an external storage device or cloud service.

What if Office 365 is on a Different Computer?

If Office 365 happens to be on another computer we will have to transfer your pst file to the new system. You can make use of a pen drive that has ample storage capacity or to make things easier you can use the Outlook migration tool by Remo

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a software designed to migrate all Outlook data from one system to another in a secure manner and is super easy to use, even if you have no technical knowledge!

Steps to Transfer Outlook to Office 365 Using Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

1. Launch the Remo Outlook Migration Tool on the computer with Office 365 and select Migrate.

Steps to Transfer Outlook to Office 365 - 1

2. Select the file you had taken backup from the Old system and click on Next.

Steps to Transfer Outlook to Office 365 - 2

3. Select the files you wish to migrate and click on Next.

Steps to Transfer Outlook to Office 365 - 3

4. After the Process is over, click on Finish.

Steps to Transfer Outlook to Office 365 - 4

How to migrate Outlook data to Office 365? 

Now that we have a pst file and we know that our pst files are located in the same system as Office 365 let’s begin to import the pst file to Office 365. You can do this in 3 ways-

  1. Import PST File Through Network Upload
  2. Migrate Outlook To Office 365 Through Drive Shipping

Note: these methods might be slightly complicated if you are a novice user. If you have any difficulty, we suggest you approach a professional or anyone that has the required knowledge to do so.

1. Import PST File Through Network Upload

Note: Ensure that your PST file is stored on a file server or shared folder in your office before you begin the migration process.

  1. Copy the SAS URL (Shared Access Signature URL) Microsoft 365 Import service and install the Azure Copy tool(command-line utility designed for copying data).
  2. Using the command prompt, Upload your selected PST file to Microsoft Office 365
  3. After uploading your PST file Create a PST Import mapping file. you can do this by creating a CSV that contains the mailbox to which each PST should be imported, the path to the PST file in Azure, and the target folder for the data in your PST file. As a part of the process, you will also upload the CSV 
  4. In the Microsoft 365 admin centre, create a PST Import job by accessing the import page.
  5. You can filter the data and run a PST import Job. review your settings and filter data if necessary. Once you are satisfied, begin the PST import job.

2. Migrate Outlook To Office 365 Through Drive Shipping

Drive shipping involves you physically sending your PST files to an authorized Microsoft outlet. This process is very time consuming and can take over a week. You can do so by following the instructions below. 

Note: please contact the Microsoft outlet beforehand to check if they offer the required services.

  1. Download the secure storage key and PST Import tool.
  2. Copy PST data to an external storage device of your choice.
  3. Create a PST Import mapping file as shown previously.
  4. After that, you may create a PST Import job in Office 365.
  5. Physically mail the storage device containing the PST file to your nearest authorized Microsoft outlet/office.
  6. After which you can Filter the required data and start with the import job.

To Conclude

Microsoft Office 365 is a tool that has several useful utilities. The transition between Outlook and Office 365 may be a bit rocky. We advise that you approach your organization’s tech support as it requires several admin permissions and involves your organization’s servers. However, I hope that this article was able to help you understand the process begging the Outlook to Microsoft 365 transition.

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