PISO WiFi: A new way to get online?

PISO is a new way to get online. For a small fee, you can get online in public places like coffee shops and malls. You just need to buy a PISO WiFi card and it has an Internet code that you can redeem at the PISO outlet or at the PISO hotspot.

PISO is a Filipino company that provides WiFi access all over the Philippines. They started with 100 hotspots in Metro Manila but now they have more than 300,000 hotspots nationwide. PISO WiFi is a very popular WiFi service in the Philippines. It’s a Coin-Voucher Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine where users can pay for internet access.

PISO WiFi is one of the principal resources for telecommunication firms in the Philippines. Everybody doesn’t have the ability to pay for both the web at home and a monthly Internet bundle. The cost of pay as you go is therefore a cost-effective alternative for the individuals. So PISO WiFi is the top pick.


PISO WiFi was initially created out of PISONET, which was a single-coin online place. Namely, either a piso or a one peso (and personal computer), and on the internet, peso on the internet (hiring). Therefore, a pay-on occasion PC with internet connection was available for one peso (or piso) from one day to the next. PISO WiFi has superseded PISONET since 2011.

PISO WiFi started in the year 2017 became popular among users almost instantaneously.

Wifi AdoPiSoft

Adapisoft is the leading management software for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines in the Philippines. Designed to be easy to use even for non-technical customers with scope for sophisticated settings and configurations, it is software right behind the user. You can visit the official website here.

PISO WiFi Portal

Follow the steps below to login to pifootsteps, userid, password, and other details.

  • Go to a nearby Piso vending machine, open the WiFi settings on your phone and search for the WiFi SSID.
  • Connect to AdoPisoWifi Enter SSID key as “adopisowifi”. Once connected it will open the login screen.
  • When prompted, insert a coin in a vending machine.
  • When the vending machine recognizes the coin, it will authenticate your device.

PISO Wifi login issues.

When you own piso WiFi vendo, you might face instances where you must alter the rates from time to time, depending on how the market is operating. If you wish to change them, you should first log in to the portal using the link admin.

You will be able to access the Dashboard. Remember that you are only able to log in using Microsoft Edge if there is a DNS error, so we recommend using Google Chrome to access PISO WiFi Vendor.

Create your own PISO WiFi Vendo

You can create your own automated Piso Wi-Fi vendor machine in easy steps and then put it in areas where there are usually customers, such as restaurants, malls, apartments, and transit hubs. The earning potential of this is high, because you’re selling a service that many users are in need of.

Supported hardware for use with PiPO WiFi vendor machines

There are numerous pieces of equipment that Piso WiFi support, including Piso PI 3 or 4, or you could try Orange PI, which has little performance. If you have a very affordable budget, you can try Newifi 3 D-2. If you need to have a decent budget, then you can have access to a server where you can set up Ubuntu and take advantage of the hardware.

Alternatively, you can build your Vendo Machine using the techniques listed below.

What is the Cost of PISO WiFi


  • 1pc 3×4 Tarpaulin
  • 5 meters UTP cable for modern connection
  • 1pc Outdoor CPE antenna(up to 300 meters WiFi Range
  • 11 meters UTP cable for CPE antenna
  • 3month’s Warranty
  • Lifetime Support.

Features of PISO WiFi Vendor Machine

  • 200 devices can connect
  • CPE Antenna 200-300
  • signal Range
  • 12 Volts
  • Own Sales inventory Setting on Your Admin System.
  • Time Adjustment
  • Can Block Malicious Sites like porn.
  • Plug and Play
  • Can insert 1,5 and 10 peso coins
  • Same band-with for every User.

Piso WiFi Software

ADOPISOFT was originally known as ADO Piso WiFi; it is a leading software for vendo machines with Piso WiFi software. It is simple to install and easy to set up.

If you do not fully comprehend how to configure your server. You can use a remote management solution to do configuration tasks with ADOPISOFT in under a minute. You can manage bandwidth and users easily through ADOPISOFT.

If you are in the Philippines and you want to learn more about the machine please click the here.

The most reliable Piso WiFi Vendor Machine

There are several Wifi vendor machines available on the market, and some of them can are listed below;

  • ADO PI SOFT – The most reliable
  • LPB Piso Wifi

Piso WiFi pause time

In order to pause Piso wifi vendor, open your browser and type address and go to admin panel > settings and other settings, you will find the way to pause the WiFi.

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