How to view all participants at once in Google Meet

Google Meet is your video-chat tool incorporated into G Suite and accessible to anyone with a Google account. By default, you will see the most active speaker on video calls with a great deal of individuals, but now you can get a Zoom-style grid of movies.

To alter your video layout during a Google Meet movie call, click on the 3 vertical dots in the bottom right of your phone and select “Change Layout.”

As soon as you’re in the Change Layout menu, you can pick some of the available layout options and your display will reflect the changes immediately in the backdrop. The default setting is”Vehicle,” that will automatically change the design based on the amount of participants at the video call.

If you select “Tiled,” it is possible to see up to 16 people at once in the order they joined the telephone. Hover your mouse over any picture to see their title. This setting is disabled if someone is presenting, and the “Sidebar” alternative is used instead. If you select “Spotlight,” the current speaker, presenter, or trapped feed will automatically fill the whole window.

At any time during a call, you can click on a person’s image and it’ll pin their movie feed into your display. With these designs, it’s simple to maintain your focus on whoever is speaking or those who are most important for you.

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